State of LTE June 2015

Today we release our most recent version of the OpenSignal State of LTE report. We are now releasing this report every three months, as a way of keeping a close eye on the development and improvement of LTE around the world.

The world’s fastest country for LTE is Singapore, which averages 24Mbps. TDC, Denmark is the fastest overall single network with its users experiencing speeds of 28Mbps. For LTE coverage the South Korean networks still rank as the best in the world, averaging 95% time on LTE, with LG U+ the best performing of all of them averaging almost total effective coverage at 99% time on LTE.

The US networks rank around in the slower half of global networks, with a country-wide average of 7Mbps (T-Mobile are again the fastest US network, averaging 10 Mbps) but are the 7th best country for effective coverage, with Verizon users experiencing 87% time on LTE.

To see where other countries and networks rank read the full report.

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