App Update! WifiMapper iOS 1.0.3 released

A new version of WifiMapper on iOS is out! We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes – it may not be immediately obvious, but the app is now smoother and slicker. We’ve really listened to you, our users – we’ve taken your forum comments, reviews, and emails and put each one in our development plan. Thank you as well to all of our testers, who have helped us ensure that the app didn’t break every time we moved a pixel.6zk5rgP9_400x400

So what’s in it? Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. With apps, on the other hand, you get to know EXACTLY what you’re going to get. Here we go:

1) Better filtering of Wifi hotspots – we’re showing better hotspots and better groupings of multiple routers. We’ve also incorporated your data, so if you’ve contributed hotspot classifications, take a look – they should be there.  Further refreshes are planned to occur once a week.

2) Buttons! So while you shouldn’t be pushing other people’s buttons, there are more parts of the app for you to explore. We’ve tried to make things clearer and easier to navigate.

3) Dynamic information – Whether the performance is good or bad, it’s a cafe or park, now you’ll get more clarity on how we assign these labels and where the information comes from.

4) Map and Search – In an unfamiliar place? Looking for something specific? We’ve optimised the search to handle these cases better.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think, either below or in the WifiMapper forums. Also, the next app update will be a big one (version 1.1!) and will include email login (we heard you when you requested login options other than Facebook), a redesign of the profile page, and other features. Help us steer the ship by joining the WifiMapper iOS beta program. If you’re on Android, you can join the active public beta through the WifiMapper Google+ community. The official release of WifiMapper Android will be in a few weeks – hang on in there!

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