Free Wi-Fi Guide: London

To celebrate the launch of our new app WifiMapper we are releasing a series of posts on the WiFi hotpots in various global cities that we are most confident are free. WifiMapper is an app to help you find free Wi-Fi, with hundreds of millions of Wi-Fi hotspots in our database which we sort algorithmically in order to recommend hotspots that are both free and reliable. From our London database, then, the following ten were at the top of our list:

1) Balans Café, Old Compton Street
Password protected? Yes
Seen by 24 WifiMapper users

Balans is a small chain, with their first restaurant here in Soho. A recent comment on Foursquare recommends that you ‘get a royalty card’. We suspect they mean loyalty card (though the mere mile’s walk from Buckingham Palace might suggest otherwise) but either away turning up wearing a crown might prove rewarding. A potentially more useful note describes Balans as trendy with a good vibe and an excellent menu. All that and Free Wi-Fi, what more could you ask for?

2) Café Fiori, Charing Cross Road
Password protected? No.
Seen by 261 WifiMapper users

Fiori Corner is right next to Leicester square tube station, and so is mainly home to those waiting for their (late) friend to get off the Picadilly line or who have come to see the tourists in their iheartlondon t-shirts. It also houses those who have run out of mobile data and need to whatsapp their friends at 1am to say ‘meet me in the casino’ (side note – this has never happened to me).

3) National Gallery, Trafalgar Square
Password protected? No.
Seen by 134 WifiMapper users

It’s the National Gallery, it has paintings and a café. It also has Wi-Fi so you can look up the exact definition of ‘Chiaroscuro’, refresh your memory about the difference between pointillism and impressionism or Google the plot of the Da Vinci code so you can remember why the Renaissance was so important anyway.

It's the National Gallery

It’s the National Gallery

4) The Roebuck, Chiswick High Street
Password protected? Yes
Seen by 35 WifiMapper users

The Roebuck is a Chiswick pub that serves food, drink and, tastiest of all, free Wi-Fi. Old Foursquare comments advise trying the hot chocolate, which seems like a pretty poor recommendation for a pub but who am I to judge?

5) French House Bar, Soho
Password protected? Yes
Seen by 19 WifiMapper users

The French house is a fantastic pub in Soho that magically appears to be both always packed and always have one small table available upstairs in the corner. The Google Maps description calls it a ‘Francophile pub with a Bohemian crowd’. I’ve actually never tried its Wi-Fi network, but if the pub’s drinks are any indication it’ll probably be pretty reliable.

6) Camden Eye, 2 Kentish Town Rd, Camden Town
Password protected? Yes
Seen by 87 WifiMapper users

Pizza. Camden. Presumably a lot of skinny-jean wearing teenage hipsters. According to Foursquare it’s a ‘nice pub for a weekend afternoon to watch people go by’.

Don't go to France, stay here and drink instead.

Don’t go to France, stay here and drink instead.

7) TheContinentalBar_FREE_WIFI, King’s Cross
Password protected? No
Seen by 136 WifiMapper users

Ah, the vast expanse of Continental Europe. Separated from our proud little island nation by a thin sleeve of water. Don’t go there. Never go there. Drink in the bar and miss your train (or do what I did once and accidentally get on the train to Paris when you meant to go to Brussels).

 8) BFI IMAX FreeWiFi
Password protected? No
Seen by 46 WifiMapper users

(put on your 3D glasses now)

This text is big and it’s in 3D BE WOWED

Something something WiFi.

(take off 3D glasses).

9) BananaTree
Password protected? Yes
Seen by 13 WifiMapper users

You’ll go bananas for it HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA



10) Bar Kick

Password protected? No
Seen by WifiMapper users

The name Bar Kick suggests a lot of possibilities. A Wi-Fi enabled Taekwando dojo? Fight club with better advertising? A bar where you have to do 56 kick-ups just to get a pint? Finding out that it’s a foosball bar is almost disappointing.

Photo Credit (in order) all from WikiMedia Commons:  Poco a Poco, Mark Ahsmann and ProjectManhattan

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