WifiMapper for Android

Two months ago we released WifiMapper for iOS – an app to help people find free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, based on our crowdsourced library of over 500 million Wi-Fi hotspots. WifiMapper was a huge success, with over 100k downloads in the first month and getting featured by apple in over 100 countries, and today, we bring the app to Android.

We think the app will be worth the wait, as it has a few cool Android-only features that will allow you to stay smug and superior over your iPhone using friends. The main differences, I hear you ask? As follows:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi directly from within the app
  • See all the Wi-Fi hotspots you’ve connected to (a kind of wireless location diary)
  • See cool Wi-Fi stats, such as the total data used per hotspot and your total time connected

WifiMapper (as the name might suggest) shows you a handy map of all your nearest hotspots, and lets you look further afield as well. Whether you are running low on data for the month, in a foreign city and don’t want to ring up a roaming bill worth thousands or just want to find somewhere nice to settle down with your laptop for the afternoon, WifiMapper can help you get connected. We’ve integrated Foursquare comments to give you better contextual information about the hotspot you are considering (it’s all very well knowing you can get Wifi in two different cafes, but which has the better coffee?). By including Foursquare comments we are able to give a more rounded perspective on the hotspot venue than just the binary ‘does this location have WiFi? Y/N?’

Never be without a WiFi connection again – get WifiMapper for Android today!

Tl;dr? Watch the video!


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