Smartphones in the classroom 3: Learning from our apps

If you’re a frequent user of our apps, chances are that you chose OpenSignal to get better coverage and find the best carrier in your area, or downloaded WeatherSignal to check the temperature and pressure before leaving home in the morning. But apart from their immediate functions, these apps are also powerful data collection instruments that have successfully been employed by academics in different fields of research – from health and meteorology to economics and emergency response systems. Furthermore, we strongly believe that these collection capabilities make of OpenSignal and WeatherSignal potential teaching tools, similarly to other apps discussed in previous instalments of this series.

Why do we think so? What can OpenSignal and WeatherSignal bring to the classroom? How can you learn from them and what can they teach you? The answers to these and other questions can be found in a short video presentation we made with Teresa (in case you were wondering what we sound like, you’ll discover that too!). It corresponds to the contents of a conference we were going to give at the ISTE 2015 Playground via a telepresence robot. Unfortunately there were some technical issues with the WiFi at their venue and we were unable to present. However, we still wanted to share our thoughts on the topic with our users, so here they are.

Are you a teacher interested in using our apps with your students? Do you have any questions or suggestions? If so, or if you want a transcript of the video, send us an email to and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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