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Facebook: 1 billion people served (in a single day)

Facebook hit quite the milestone this week. On Monday, more than 1 billion connected to the social network in a 24-hour period, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg reported on his profile page. At first glance 1 billion may not seem … Continue reading

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What the critics are saying about Google’s Project Fi

Google’s Project Fi has started making its way into the hands of U.S. consumers, and over the last two months we’ve seen reviews from many tech media outlets. We thought it would be interesting to take the temperature of those … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi in the sky is getting a speed boost

The friendly skies can seem awfully unfriendly when you’re crammed into a bulkhead seat trying to view email on a god-awful Wi-Fi connection. Internet access at 40,000 feet is still an expensive and painfully slow experience on most airlines, but … Continue reading

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State of Mobile Networks Report, Brazil

Today OpenSignal releases the first instance of a new type of report: country-level network performance reports, which will be published for different countries on a monthly basis. The first country showcased in these reports is Brazil, with a fast-growing telecommunications sector … Continue reading

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Android Fragmentation 2015

The world Android lives in is a confusing jungle. Today we released our annual report on Android Fragmentation, which takes a look at the complex variety of devices that developers have to build for. This complexity is both good and … Continue reading

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