State of Mobile Networks Report, Brazil

Today OpenSignal releases the first instance of a new type of report: country-level network performance reports, which will be published for different countries on a monthly basis. The first country showcased in these reports is Brazil, with a fast-growing telecommunications sector and a significant number of OpenSignal users.

So what do we show in these reports? Each Network Performance Comparison, Brazilmobile network in the country is evaluated on five metrics: 3G/4G Coverage, 4G Coverage, Time with No Signal, 3G Download Speed, and 4G Download Speed.

What are these metrics? If you want to know more about how we calculate the results, take a look at our methodology pages, one explaining the concept of “time coverage” and one giving an overview of OpenSignal.

We also give a sense of how each network’s performance changes in the months covered by the report, via our historical graphs. Follow-up reports for each country will be every 6 months, so we’ll get to see how the networks have changed in Brazil in our Feb 2016 report. But that’s looking ahead too much – read the Aug 2015 report on Brazil now! As always, if you have any comments, please write them below or in the forums. Are our findings consistent with your experience or research? We’d love to hear from you!

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