OpenSignal iOS update! Version 2.3 Released

If you are an OpenSignal iOS user, we’ve got some exciting news. Today we released version 2.3 of our OpenSignal iOS app. So what has changed? A LOT! Okay, okay – here are the top four things that we’ve added, fixed, or improved.

1) Performance
Performance has been our number one focus for this update. It’s not great when an app crashes. It is even harder for us when the app crashes randomly. Thankfully, we’ve caught that one by the tail!

OpenSignal iOS app dashboard2) Compatibility
Compatibility has been a big theme in this update as well. Both general compatibility of the app with newer versions of iOS (you can’t ignore that already 50% of active iOS devices have installed iOS9) as well as responsiveness to different screen sizes have been implemented.

3) Experience 
It’s the little things that matter, so we’ve gone through the app and made sure the details work. Ranking stars, map tiles, location, text sections – all of these have been refined so you can enjoy the app that much more.

OpenSignal iOS app Manual reporting page
4) Reporting
Last but not least, we’ve added a manual reporting feature, similar to our OpenSignal Android app. In addition to running a speed test, now you have more options for telling us about your mobile experience. How does poor signal affect you: do your calls drop, is browsing really slow, can you send a text? You can also use the reporting tool to give us quick feedback on the app and your device.

Now please try it out! Let us know if this update makes things better and meets your expectations. We’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave comments below or in the forums.

(Now if that wasn’t exciting enough for you, go check out our global State of LTE report for Q3, which we published yesterday! It has 183 networks and 68 countries, our most comprehensive review of LTE networks yet. What’s your network’s performance?)

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