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Queue up Netflix: T-Mobile US may unleash the video beast

If a rumor from well-known tech tipster EVLeaks proves true, T-Mobile will soon start exempting mobile video from its data plans. That means customers on its Simple Choice smartphone plans would be able to stream Netflix, HBO Go and other … Continue reading

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Every developer should follow Facebook’s “2G Tuesday” example

Facebook’s Menlo Park, CA, campus may be blanketed in 4G signals and Wi-Fi connections, but the places where Facebook’s is growing the most don’t have access to such powerful networks. That’s why Facebook employees are engaging in an interesting experiment … Continue reading

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Europe will ban roaming fees — though you’re in for a wait

The end of international roaming fees in Europe is in sight, though it’s still a bit off in the distance. The European Parliament voted to abolish roaming fees within its border, but we’ll have to wait until the June 15 … Continue reading

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Is Intel ready to challenge Qualcomm’s LTE dominance?

Ever since the days of WiMAX, Intel has longed to be a major player in 4G. According to a report from VentureBeat, Intel may finally get its chance – with a little help from Apple. VentureBeat’s Mark Sullivan reports that … Continue reading

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Android’s fragmentation is creating a lot of security holes

This summer OpenSignal published its Android Fragmentation report, finding that there are more than 24,000 distinct types of Android devices by more than 1,000 distinct brands in the market today. That kind of differentiation was bound to produce problems in … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi is coming to a mobile network near you

More than half of all wireless operators plan to make Wi-Fi a critical part of their mobile services, according to a new survey from the Wireless Broadband Alliance. A lot of operators already make plenty of use of Wi-Fi today, … Continue reading

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AT&T to customers: Just keep your suggestions to yourselves

As a former journalist I can tell that legal departments don’t always see eye to eye to with editorial, and I imagine that same kind of friction exists between a big corporation’s lawyers and its public relations staff. If you … Continue reading

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VoLTE: What is it and will it spell the end of 2G networks?

Last month 3 debuted a fancy sounding new service called 4G Super Voice in the U.K. What’s so super about this new voice plan you ask? Super Voice uses a technology that’s emerging globally, called voice over LTE or VoLTE. … Continue reading

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LTE network performance – does GDP play a role?

We’re following up on our Q3 State of LTE report by examining our LTE network data against other metrics that we think may explain some of the results we are seeing. On Wednesday, Kevin compared the performance of the first 20 mobile … Continue reading

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How the first countries to adopt LTE are faring in the 4G race

When OpenSignal released its State of LTE report last month, we compared 183 operators side by side showing how they stacked up in terms of speed and coverage. As a follow up, though, we’ve decided to drill down into that … Continue reading

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