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Results are in! Summer / Fall Translation Challenge

Hello OpenSignallers! Many of you have probably noticed that the OpenSignal app family (OpenSignal, WifiMapper, and WeatherSignal) comes in your language. This is all thanks to our fantastic translation community that have, since we started our localisation efforts, translated and … Continue reading

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Argentina’s 4G tango: LTE is still limited but it’s growing

Argentina was one of the last countries in South America to launch LTE, but ever since the first 4G networks debuted there last December, Argentine operators have gone on a bit of a tear. LTE is still far from widespread, … Continue reading

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Indosat takes on the name of its corporate parent Ooredoo

Indosat is becoming a full-fledged member of the Ooredoo group in name as well as operations. Indosat announced this week it will be the eighth and largest operator in the Ooredoo Group to adopt the Ooredoo name. For the first … Continue reading

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Sprint coins another new word for its 4G network: LTE Plus

Sprint, the operator who famously first began using the term 4G, is back at the name-creation game. This week it unveiled a new moniker for its LTE network in 77 cities. That name is LTE Plus, and it replaces Spark, … Continue reading

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Jobs and jelly beans at SMR10

The 10th Silicon Milkroundabout (SMR) took place this past weekend, and it was a busy, buzzy and exciting event! Eight OpenSignalers attended and chatted to dozens of potential candidates for our marketing, design, product and dev’ teams. OpenSignal has doubled … Continue reading

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AT&T inches forward with its plan to combine Mexico, US networks

When AT&T bought up Mexican operators Iusacell and Nextel in January it promised to create a pan-American mobile footprint covering 400 million people. AT&T still isn’t quite at the point where it’s running a single ‘home’ network that spans the … Continue reading

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Could Facebook drones be used to fill in U.K. mobile dead zones?

Facebook VP of Engineering Jay Parikh has been making the rounds with U.K. media this week, talking up the social network’s plans to use drones to connect places throughout the world that currently get no cellular signal. In one interview … Continue reading

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Bluetooth’s short range will get a lot longer in 2016

Bluetooth is getting a significant range boost next year, according to the standard-setting Bluetooth SIG. In its roadmap for 2016, the SIG said Bluetooth would see its range quadruple from its current 100 meters as part of a raft of … Continue reading

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T-Mobile US customers get to “binge” on video, but there’s a subtle price to pay

The rumors are true. T-Mobile US is exempting video streaming from its core smartphone customers, meaning customers can feast on Netflix, HBO Go, ESPN and flicks and clips of 21 other media apps without worrying about draining their data plans. … Continue reading

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WiMAX remains on life support in the US thanks to court order

Today was supposed to be an historic day or sorts. Sprint had planned to pull the plug on its WiMAX network, finally putting an end to that grand failed experiment in mobile networking. A U.S. court, however, has taken exception … Continue reading

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