Argentina’s 4G tango: LTE is still limited but it’s growing

Argentina was one of the last countries in South America to launch LTE, but ever since the first 4G networks debuted there last December, Argentine operators have gone on a bit of a tear. LTE is still far from widespread, but it’s making its way from the biggest cities and into the provinces, and Argentina’s three big operators are now closing in on 3 million total 4G subscribers.

In OpenSignal’s latest State of Mobile Networks report, we zero in on Argentina’s blossoming LTE landscapes to see just how Telecom Argentina’s Personal, América Móvil’s Claro and Telefónica’s Movistar are faring. Drawing from 55 million measurements taken from our crowdsourced community of 22,522 Argentine smartphone users, we track the time 4G customers spend connected to LTE networks as well as compare these operators’ 3G and 4G speeds.

Buenos Aires at night (Photo Credit: Flickr user Rodrigo Paredes)

Buenos Aires at night (Photo Credit: Flickr user Rodrigo Paredes)

One operator in particular has managed to stand out in coverage. In areas where Movistar has launched 4G services, its customers are seeing an LTE signal 63 percent of the time, impressive for a network that’s been live for less than a year. Claro and Personal, however, both beat Movistar in speed tests, but to be honest all of Argentina’s networks are on the slow side compared to global averages we tracked in our most recent worldwide LTE report. Argentina’s big 3 are building out 4G coverage quickly, but they have yet to inject much capacity into these networks.

Be sure and check out the full analysis and accompanying charts in our Reports section. It’s an interesting snapshot of country still in its LTE infancy. Given that, the picture likely will be far different when we check in on Argentina again next year.

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