Results are in! Summer / Fall Translation Challenge

Hello OpenSignallers!

Many of you have probably noticed that the OpenSignal app family (OpenSignal, WifiMapper, and WeatherSignal) comes in your language. This is all thanks to our fantastic translation community that have, since we started our localisation efforts, translated and contributed over 188,374 words! We’re so grateful that you are taking part, because by taking part in our crowdsourced translation effort, you are helping to keep our app translations up to date, accurate, and in many more languages than we could have done ourselves.

You might also have heard about our iPad translation challenges, during which you can get a ticket in our iPad lottery for every 500 words that you translate. On November 1st, we completed the Summer & Fall iPad Translation Challenge, where the theme was to translate our iOS apps, with an overall challenge goal of 64,793. In four months, the amazing OpenSignal translation community translated ……

49,294 words!

Of this goal, iOS translations are nearly a third – this is fantastic!

Now, as is customary, we announce the winner of the iPad Mini! Thank you and congratulations to ….. (drumroll, please) …..

Khadis, from Indonesia

About Khadis:
“I have been freelancing as a freelance translator since 2006 and I
have done many paid and volunteer projects, both local and
international. I am now working as a freelance translator for several
translation agencies in Asia, Europe, and America. Besides that, I am
a blogger too, and I was also a magazine and newspaper contributor.”

In honour of Khadis and his contribution of a Bahasa Indonesian translation, here is a map of the Austronesian language family, of which Bahasa Indonesian is a part.

Austronesian Language Family

We also would like to thank the other contributors who helped translate during this translation challenge!

Dmitry Gaich
Marco Gardellini
Arno Goyvaerts
Thomas Lautenschlager
Francisco Palaio
Maikel Simões
Brazilian Portuguese
Giuliano Zamboni

(Some translators chose to remain anonymous)

Thank you again, and stay tuned for the next translation challenge! If you want to learn more about our translation process, you can find the details here:

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