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How strong is your Wifi password?

You may have thought “OpenSesame” was a pretty clever password when you set up your Wifi router, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s not the most secure choice for guarding access to your wireless network. But take … Continue reading

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Staying online while you shop: How wifi stacks up in NYC’s department stores

How do you do your gift shopping for the holidays? Online? In-store? A last minute panicked whirlwind battling crowds on the evening before your family get-together? Everyone has their own way of dealing with the rush that engulfs us at … Continue reading

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Is the world’s first 5G network going to be in New Jersey?

Speaking at a Business Insider conference last week, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam revealed that that next month the U.S. operator will have a live 5G network running at its headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Those trials will then expand … Continue reading

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One of the ‘E’s in EE will soon stand for emergency

An interesting bit of news emerged last week in Europe: The U.K. Home Office has awarded a major government communications contract to mobile provider Everything Everywhere. What’s unusual about this contract is the types of government employees EE will serve. … Continue reading

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10 gadgets, gizmos and contraptions OpenSignalers love

The holidays are upon us, and that means we’re starting to see gift guides galore. At OpenSignal we didn’t want to publish the same list of hot new digital gizmos you can read about on any other blog. Instead we conducted a poll, … Continue reading

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With Firefox OS dead, is there still hope for a Linux smartphone?

Someday a third mobile operating system may gain enough traction to challenge the Android and Apple’s dominance of the smartphone market, but it won’t be Firefox OS. At its developer conference on Wednesday, Mozilla revealed it was pulling the plug … Continue reading

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Almost a New Year, almost new maps!

As many of you will know, a few months ago we ran a survey to determine the best new design for our coverage maps. We were looking to improve the colour scheme, the granularity, and the colour of areas where … Continue reading

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5 things to think about when picking your next mobile operator

Editor’s Note: Since publishing this article, we have created an infographic that summarizes these five tips in an easy-to-reference format. You can find the infographic here or at the end of this blog post. Given what I do for a … Continue reading

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The smartphone boom may finally be subsiding

There will be only 1.43 billion shipments of new smartphones in 2015, according to research group IDC’s latest projections. That may sound like an awful lot, but as IDC points out, that number represents a 9.8 percent increase of smartphone … Continue reading

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Benin joins the 4G club

West Africa’s Benin has become the newest country to roll out 4G services. According to TeleGeography, Benin Telecoms has started selling LTE modem and smartphone plans in the capital Porto-Novo and four other cities and plans to extend service to … Continue reading

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