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Infographic: 5 tips for picking your next mobile operator

Last month OpenSignal published a detailed guide to picking a mobile operator, looking at some not-so-obvious factors such as the quality of a service provider’s 3G network and the possibility of choosing a virtual operator. We got some good feedback on the … Continue reading

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CES: 4G is becoming the way our cars get connected

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas produced a lot of connected car news this week. GM announced it was investing half a billion dollars in Lyft. Google’s head roboticist took a job with Toyota to help hone the automaker’s … Continue reading

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Meet HaLow: A Wifi network built for the internet of things

Wifi already connects our laptops, smartphones and smart TVs to the internet, but it has bigger ambitions. It wants to glue together the internet of things. The Wi-Fi Alliance this week unveiled its proposed technology for smart homes, connected cars, … Continue reading

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Quantifying Canada’s LTE momentum

Today OpenSignal published its first State of Mobile Networks report for Canada, delving into the individual performance of Canada’s three big national operators. Bell, Rogers and Telus all did quite well, matching each other closely in both 4G coverage and … Continue reading

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