Quantifying Canada’s LTE momentum

Today OpenSignal published its first State of Mobile Networks report for Canada, delving into the individual performance of Canada’s three big national operators. Bell, Rogers and Telus all did quite well, matching each other closely in both 4G coverage and speed. All three also stood out among the worldwide LTE community, far exceeding global averages for 4G network performance and availability.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Robert

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Robert

Bell had the fastest 3G and 4G networks, averaging nearly 20 Mbps in our LTE tests, while Rogers turned in the best performance in terms of data coverage. Its 4G subscribers were able to get an LTE signal 80 percent of the time in the three months we sampled. All of Canada’s Big 3, however, were fairly close in all of the categories we covered, reflecting not only their aggressive network upgrades but also the significant amount of cooperation in Canada’s mobile industry. Telus and Bell share networks and towers across the country, while Rogers has struck similar deals with many of Canada’s regional operators.

Speaking of regional operators, they’re not being left behind in the race to 4G. Some of the fastest speeds we tracked came from Quebec and Saskatchewan on Videotron and SaskTel’s LTE networks respectively. For consistency’s sake, however, we didn’t compare regional operator performance against national operator performance.

You can view the full report and interactive charts on OpenSignal’s website, and keep an eye out for the upcoming global LTE report next month to see how Canada stacks up internationally according to our latest data.

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