Ranking European 4G cities by speed

Mobile World Congress is now in full swing, and we’ve already seen plenty of interesting news from Barcelona. Samsung unveiled its newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. LG managed to one-up Samsung with the G5, a modular phone with snap-on components that can turn the device into a more powerful camera or a higher fidelity music player. Verizon revealed it has begun 5G network trials.

OpenSignal doesn’t have a new smartphone to debut or network to tout at MWC, but we do have plenty of data to share. Given the big European presence of MWC, OpenSignal decided to dig into our test data to see how some of the largest cities in Europe stacked up in 4G speeds. The following chart shows the average LTE download speeds in 40 of the EU’s major metro areas, drawn from data collected by OpenSignal users in the fourth quarter.

SpeedCitiesEU (1)

As you can see, the cities in the Netherlands have some of the most impressive speeds but there are also some top performers in Eastern European capitals, notably Bucharest, Budapest and Riga. And for those of you attending MWC, Barcelona ranked in the middle of our 40 cities, though with an average LTE connection of 19.8 Mbps, it was by no means slow.
Check out the blog later this week. We’ll post more data on how Europe’s 4G networks during the show. If you happen to be in Barcelona for MWC, come visit at Hall 7, stand B15.

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