WifiMapper, one year later

Only one year ago WifiMapper was first released into public beta on iOS and Android – it’s so grown up now! (sniffle sniffle – hand me a tissue, will you?)

Sentimentality aside, we’re really proud of how far the app has come, and very grateful to our users and our beta-testing community for continuously adding and editing Wifi hotspots and giving us invaluable feedback on how to make the app the best free Wifi finder out there. Here are the stats from the first year.

24 March 2015 24 March 2016
Wifi database from OpenSignal app  475 million  1 billion
Hotspots suggestions by WifiMapper users  None yet! ~110,000
Free hotspots in WifiMapper 2 million 3.4 million

Those are the numbers, but how did the app change to support Wifi finding? Let’s look at the timeline.

WifiMapper Development Timeline

A picture is worth a thousand words (although a few more words would be nice too), so here are some of the screenshots of the app from different releases.

The Original (Public Beta Release)

Core WifiMapper functions – the Wifi map, list, details page, editing function were already formed in the public beta release of WifiMapper on iOS. At this point, paid hotspots were still in the app by default. You can also see one of the tour designs before it was implemented, with the “Lorem ipsum” text.

WifiMapper free hotspot details pageWifiMapper paid hotspot details page

WifiMapper tour screen








On Android, there was the Wifi map and list, and you could auto-connect to Wifi hotspots in range. There was also a simple version of the Wifi details page.

WifiMapper on Android Public Beta hotspot map

WifiMapper Android Public Beta Map and List

WiifiMapper Public Beta Details page








WifiMapper Launch

The app changed a lot between the public beta release and the launch for both apps. On WifiMapper iOS (see first two screenshots), the layout of the details page was optimized and the app was changed to have only free hotspots by default (as finding the best free Wifi was, and is, the point). WifiMapper Android’s launch (last two screenshots) saw the implementation of the classic WifiMapper designs and features, as well as the really cool Android-only Wifi history page.

WifiMapper Launch map and listWifiMapper Launch hotspot details page

WifiMapper Android Launch history page

WifiMapper Android Launch details page.







WifiMapper Android Sign in with Google + and EmailWifiMapper iOS sign in page (Facebook and email)Email Registration, version 1.1

Version 1.1 saw a change in how you could sign into WifiMapper. Previously, the app only had the option of signing in with Facebook (iOS) or Google+, but that changed here with the addition of an email option.

Filters and Hotspot Groups, version 1.2

While your bank might have free Wifi, you are unlikely to go there on your lunch break. Instead, you’ll probably prefer to find the best local cafe. To make the map and the list more usable, in version 1.2 we added place icons to Wifi hotspots and filters that could pull out the most relevant places on the map and the list. If you also have a subscription to a Wifi network such as Fon, you could add these with the “More hotspot providers” option (which, as you can see from the beta-test of the design, used to be called “Include hotspot groups”). ( Screenshots are from iOS only)

WifiMapper iOS map place icons

WifiMapper iOS filters page

WifIMapper Hotspot providers beta screen









Leaderboards, version 1.3, Favorites & Password sharing, version 1.4

Who doesn’t like a little competition? To appreciate all contributions of local “Wifi Wisdom”, we wanted to reward our users in the new leaderboards of version 1.3. Version 1.4 (currently only on iOS, soon on beta for Android) saw favorites and password sharing implemented. The favorites feature is a prelude to our offline maps, where you can save your WifiMapper Android Leaderboardsfavourite hotspots for Wifimapper Android Holiday editionfuture reference, while the password makes connecting faster – as you don’t have to ask anyone or find the wifi chalkboard.

A little after Leaderboards were released on Android, we also did a fun holiday “Easter egg” for the winter season (that’s an oxymoron, I know). (Screenshots from Android only)

Offline Maps

For version 1.5, offline maps is the next big feature that we’re planning. We’ve been working on it for months and we look forward to bringing WifiMapper to new heights. When you travel you can stay better connected, and you’ll have an offline reference that could help you find the best wifi in a city and the best cities for free wifi. We’ll need lots of help making sure the app is seamless, so please, join our beta program and help out. Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.

(…. if you haven’t tried WifiMapper and want to get in on the free Wifi awesomeness and join the community of Wifi whizzes, here’s where to download the app on iOS and Android).

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