Parsing Poland’s mobile networks

Today OpenSignal turned its network-testing spotlight on our first Eastern European country: Poland. In our newest State of Mobile Networks report we compared the 3G and 4G performance of Polish operators Orange Polska, T-Mobile, Polkomtel Plus and P4 Play, and we found a hotly contested mobile market. Two operators battled for the title of fastest 4G network, while two different operators waged their own war 4G availability.

Orange and T-Mobile were the two operators contesting the speed crown, each delivering average LTE download speeds of 26 Mbps in our measurement. Play came in last in our speed tests, but it probably won’t stay in that spot for long. Play just announced a big 4G upgrade it calls LTE Ultra, which uses new LTE-Advanced technologies to combine multiple spectrum channels into a single high-powered connection. But the network went live just after our test window closed in July.

When it came to our availability tests we saw a different set of operators vying for top marks. Play and Plus tied for best 4G availability, as we were able to latch onto their respective LTE networks in 63% of our tests. Play, however, won OpenSignal’s award for best 3G/4G availability due to the strength of its HSPA footprint.

You can find the full report, which includes all of the 3G and 4G metrics we tracked, on OpenSignal’s website.

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