OpenSignal takes a first look at Chile

OpenSignal turned its analytical eye on several of the countries of Latin America this year, examining the mobile performance of operators in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru, but we’re not done yet. Today OpenSignal released its first State of Mobile Networks report on Chile.

Image courtesy of Flickr user [-_-] JORGE

Image courtesy of Flickr user [-_-] JORGE

South America’s backbone has four operators and we found that each of the them stood out in at least one of our award categories. A different operator each won one of our three speed awards. We measured the fastest 4G speeds on Claro and the fastest 3G speeds on Entel, but OpenSignal’s overall speed prize went to Movistar, which may not have had the fastest raw speeds in our tests, but delivered the most consistently fast mobile data connections to our users.

One of the reasons Movistar scored so highly in overall speeds was the accessibility of its 4G signals. It shared our award for best LTE availability with WOM as our testers were able to latch onto a 4G signal on both operators’ networks more than 60% of the time. Where Chile’s operators really shine though is in 3G/4G availability. All four operators were able to deliver a 3G or better signal more than 87% of the time in our tests, making Chile the most accessible country in South America in terms of mobile data.

To see the full results and analysis, be sure to check out the report on our website.

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