Our second look at Canada’s Big 3 operators

Our newest mobile performance report for Canada is out today, and if there is one overarching conclusion to be reached, it’s that the 3 national operators are very evenly matched. No matter what speed or availability category we looked at we saw extremely tight races between Bell, Rogers and Telus. The results weren’t just close. They were impressive. In 3G speed, 4G speed and 4G accessibility Canada’s operators scored among the world’s best.

In 4G speed, all three Canadian operators were able to provide download averages over 27 Mbps in our tests, with Bell and Telus tying for fastest performance. Our users were able to get an LTE connection on all three operators’ networks more than 78% of the time, with Rogers and Telus tying for best availability. For our overall speed award, we did have a single winner. Telus beat out both Rogers and Bell in our tests with an average download speed of 24.1 Mbps across its mobile data networks. Telus gained an edge in our overall performance metric by maintaining a combination of slightly better 4G availability than Bell and faster 3G and 4G speeds than Rogers.

You can reach the complete analysis and view our interactive charts in our full State of Mobile Networks: Canada report.

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