LTE spreads its wings in Mexico

It’s been a busy six months for Mexico’s mobile operators. Since we published our last State of Mobile Networks report in October, AT&T Mexico, Movistar and Telcel have all been expanding the reach of their LTE networks, and not by insignificant amounts. In our new report, we saw a 4% increase in LTE availability across the board, meaning Mexico’s 4G users now have more access to LTE signals than ever before.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Blok 70

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Blok 70

Though we saw improvements from all three operators in our data, some improved more than others. Notably AT&T’s LTE availability score rose to 71.5%, indicating our smartphone testers were able to connect to its 4G service in seven out of every 10 attempts. That’s the first time we’ve tracked an operator breaching the 70% threshold in Mexico. Meanwhile, Telcel is but a mere network tweak from reaching that same benchmark. Our users were able to latch onto its LTE signals 69.4% of the time.

4G availability wasn’t the only metric for which we saw boosted scores. Our users measured faster LTE speeds on both Telcel and AT&T’s networks than they did six months ago. Telcel landed our 4G speed award with an average download connection of 24.8 Mbps, but AT&T secured our overall speed prize thanks to better scores in both the 3G speed and 4G availability categories.

Be sure to check out our report page for the full results.

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