OpenSignal’s forthcoming “State of Mobile Networks: India” report and recent references to OpenSignal data

OpenSignal will soon publish its inaugural “State of Mobile Networks: India” report which will provide the most definitive analysis of mobile experience OpenSignal has ever carried out. In this report, we’ll compare the typical speeds, latencies and 4G availability on each of the major operators’ networks based on billions of data points collected from users of the OpenSignal mobile app. This report will be based on our most recently available data and contain both a nationwide and regional analysis of the mobile experience recorded in India.

We note that there have been recent articles indicating that OpenSignal has taken a formal position on the Indian telecoms market and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify that this is not the case. To date, we have published an analysis of LTE speed and availability in a set of India’s largest cities but this does not include an analysis of individual operators. In addition, the OpenSignal mobile app contains some average statistics on measurements in India, but these are localized, indicative results sampled over a longer period of time of 9 months and therefore cannot be considered a definitive, nationwide analysis representing the most current state of affairs. This will only come through OpenSignal’s forthcoming “State of Mobile Networks: India” report.

The Indian telecoms market is in a highly dynamic state with competing reports on how the different service providers offerings stack up so the timing is perfectly poised for OpenSignal to release its first report. In the meantime we advise the public to avoid any misleading reports and stay tuned to official OpenSignal channels to be notified when our report is released.

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