UK’s 4G signal reach jumps upwards

In our last few U.K. reports we reported what a lot of smartphone users already knew: 4G signals in the U.K. were hard to come by. But that’s a refrain we aren’t repeating in our latest State of Mobile Networks: UK report.

In six months U.K. operators have taken some big strides in improving their LTE availability scores, which is a measure of the proportion of time smartphone subscribers have access to a 4G signal. All four operators saw a 5% or better jump in this metric, and for the first time we see an operator with a 4G availability score higher than 70%. That operator is EE, but Vodafone and O2 are close on its heels. Our testers were able to find an LTE signal on their respective networks 69% and 68% of the time. Even 3 saw a big 6% jump in availability between this report and the last, but it’s still far behind the other operators in our rankings.

The U.K. still doesn’t have the extensive 4G reach we see in many countries in Northern Europe, East Asia and North America, but if it keeps improving at this pace, it could very well catch up soon.

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