The sun shines on Sunrise’s 4G performance

Having just wrapped up the latest installment of OpenSignal’s Italy report, why not hop over the border to take a look at Italy’s northern neighbor? OpenSignal is pleased to announce the latest country to join our coverage list: Switzerland. Examining millions of datapoints, we compared the mobile experience seen by OpenSignal users across the Swiss Confederation.

In general, Salt, Sunrise Communications and Swisscom all performed well in our tests. Our measurements showed fast speeds, a high level of LTE accessibility and very good network response rates from all three operators. Based on our tests, few Swiss subscribers are suffering from low-quality mobile data connections.

Sunrise, however, did stand out in a few categories. It excelled in 4G speed, averaging download connections of 35.3 Mbps in our tests – results that are more than double the global 4G average of 17.4 Mbps and more than 12 Mbps faster than those of its two rivals. Those 4G scores propelled Sunrise to the top of our rankings for overall speed, which measures the typical download speed experienced by our users across an operator’s mobile data networks.

Swisscom took home plenty of awards as well. It tied with Sunrise for 4G availability, which tracks the proportion of time users have access to an LTE signal. And it grabbed both of OpenSignal’s prizes for latency, indicating highly responsive networks.

The full results in our State of Mobile Networks: Switzerland report. And if you’re a Swiss smartphone user who wants to test your operator’s network yourself as well as contribute data to our future reports, we encourage you to download the OpenSignal app (available on iOSand Android) or our new Meteor app.

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