Taiwan flexes its 4G muscle

OpenSignal is expanding its coverage in Asia to one of the most dynamic mobile data markets in the region. In our first State of Mobile Networks: Taiwan report, we looked at the consumer 3G and 4G experience on five operators. While we found all of Taiwan’s major 4G providers were able to supply a consistent LTE connection, a single operator stood out in speed.

Taiwan's iconic skyscraper Taipei 101 (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Eduardo M. C.)

Taiwan’s iconic skyscraper Taipei 101 (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Eduardo M. C.)

FarEasTone isn’t fooling around when it comes to offering high-bandwidth connections. We measured its average LTE download connection at 41.7 Mbps, placing it among the small fraternity of global operators that maintain 4G speeds consistently above 40 Mbps. FarEasTone also took OpenSignal’s 3G speed and overall speed awards, showing its customers were able to get impressive mobile data performance no matter what network they connected to.

In 4G availability, FarEasTone also performed admirably, but so did all of its competitors. Our testers on Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Star Telecom were all able to access an LTE signal more than 80% of the time. Meanwhile customers on GT could tap into LTE 90% of the time, which tied it with FarEasTone for OpenSignal’s 4G availability award.

Check out our full Taiwan analysis, available in both English and traditional Chinese. And if you’re a 4G smart device user in Taiwan that wants to join our crowdsourced testing community, be sure to download the OpenSignal app for Android and iOS or our new Meteor app for Android.

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