OpenSignal’s first look at Colombia

Today OpenSignal kicked off coverage of a new South American country, Colombia, tracking the 3G and 4G performance of that country’s three major operators: Claro, Movistar and Tigo. What we found was a very close race in nearly all of our availability and speed metrics.Colombia 4G availabilityClaro and Movistar shared OpenSignal’s 4G speed award, both averaging download connections around 20 Mbps, and in 3G speed we recorded a three-way tie between the major operators. In 4G availability, which tracks the proportion of time consumers have access to an LTE signal, the race was one of the tightest we’ve seen. Less than a tenth of percentage point separated our measurements for Movistar and Tigo, though as both operators scored below 63% in availability neither one can claim to have particularly good 4G reach. The only metrics in which we found clear winners were overall speed, which Movistar led with an average download of 9.8 Mbps, and latency, where Tigo won both our 3G and 4G response time awards.

We’re starting to add more and more countries to our reports rolls. Last week we expanded our analysis to Iberia with our first State of Mobile Networks: Spain report, but we have plans for many more new markets beyond Spain and Colombia, so stay tuned.

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