Telcel, AT&T still locked in a 4G battle in Mexico

In March, Telcel was the king of 4G speed in Mexico, but AT&T had the greater LTE signal reach, according to OpenSignal’s State of Mobile Networks report published that month. But six months later the tables have turned. In our latest Mexico report, released today, AT&T and Telcel were deadlocked for our 4G speed award, but Telcel had leapfrogged over AT&T in our 4G availability metric. As Mexico’s 4G revolution intensifies, both operators are clearly battling for the upper hand.

A few years ago, Movistar would have been considered the second thoroughbred in the two-horse race for mobile broadband dominance, but upstart operator AT&T has now clearly assumed that mantle. Movistar came in last in all of OpenSignal’s core metrics save network responsiveness. It’s going to be an interesting race to watch in the coming years as Mexico continues to gear up 4G services. For OpenSignal’s full analysis of Mexico, including a breakdown of its three largest cities, check out the State of Mobile Networks report.

What are your own experiences with mobile data connectivity in Mexico? We encourage you to use OpenSignal’s apps to run tests of your own and share results in the comments section below.

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