Racing for 5G at Mobile360 LATAM

Mobile 360 LATAM is running in full gear in Bogotá this week, with one of the hottest topics, 5G, in the centre of discussions both on and off the stage.

But as we pointed out in our blogpost earlier this week, most of Latin America still has some catching up to do in terms of 4G availability and speed. Therefore it came as no surprise that the big  priority for many operators is to get more people on mobile broadband. For most Latin American operators moving to the fifth generation of wireless tech is a plan for another day. But not for all.  

But before we dive in, have a look at the presentation by OpenSignal CEO, Brendan Gill highlighting some key findings on Latin America’s 4G state from our global State of LTE report.

Video source: GSMA

After setting the base on 4G, Brendan Gill conducted a fireside chat with Marcelo Cataldo, CEO of Tigo Colombia on his company’s plans for rolling out new technologies as well as his thoughts on the necessary regulatory changes for improving connectivity in the region.

While most operators referred to 5G as a “distant dream”, Cataldo announced that Tigo would be launching 5G trials in a mere few weeks, the first in Colombia to do so.

Video source: GSMA

It’s not likely 5G will be coming to the region very soon, but launching these kinds of pilots early on could help Colombia prepare for the unique challenges 5G most certainly will create.

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