Costa Rica’s LTE network is growing up, but speeds remain among slowest worldwide

Costa Rica definitely has some catching up to do in the global 4G race. In our latest State of LTE report, we found Costa Rica to be the second slowest in terms of average 4G download speeds among the 77 countries we examined. But the Central American nation is making steady progress in improving LTE signals and speeds, as we see in our most recent national report published today

Partnering with Sutel, we analysed over 117 million measurements drawn from over 9,500 devices to compare the 3G and 4G experiences offered by the three key mobile operators in the country: Movistar, Kölbi and Claro.

Costa Rica Mobile Network

Photo by Max Boettinger on Unsplash

Our award for highest 4G availability was clearly won by Movistar who managed to provide our users with LTE signals at an average of 72.3% of the time, over 10 percentage points higher than Kölbi (60.8%) and more than 30 percentage points higher than Claro (42.4%).

It seems the extensive LTE upgrades implemented by Kölbi during the summer have started to bear fruit, providing a huge boost to its average 4G download speeds. Our users experienced average 4G download speeds of 10 Mbps, over 2 Mbps higher than the average speeds offered by runner-up Claro (8 Mbps), and close to double the speeds our users experienced on Movistar’s network (5.2 Mbps). Even with such remarkable growth from Kölbi , all of Costa Rica’s 4G download speeds were  still considerably lower than the global average of 16.6 Mbps, according to our data.

For a full analysis on the 3G and 4G state of mobile in Costa Rica, have a look at our report at: State of Mobile Networks: Costa Rica.

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