While LTE reach is on the rise, Argentina continues to struggle with poor 4G speeds

A relative latecomer in adopting LTE technology, Argentina has made steady progress in increasing access to 4G services in the past years.  But when it came to average 4G download speeds, the country is still below the global average and among the slowest in Latin America. We recently highlighted this trend in our analysis on the state of LTE in Latin America, where we found Argentina increase its LTE reach by 8 percentage points within a year, however overall average download speeds barely stood above 10 Mbps.

Today, in our State of Mobile Network report, we’re zooming in on Argentina’s operator-level performance, seeing how the three national mobile operators — América Móvil’s Claro, Telefónica’s Movistar and Telecom Argentina’s Personal — stack up in 3G and 4G download speeds, latency and LTE availability across the country.


Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash

All Argentine operators have made significant progress in increasing their LTE reach in the past six months.  But Personal was the one who seems to have invested the most. By increasing their reach by 10 percentage points since July, they won our award by providing an LTE connection to our users in almost 8 out of 10 attempts. Our tests show runner-up Movistar provided an LTE signal 76% of the time (up 6 percentage points from June), while Claro saw its availability jump by 8 percentage points, with our users able to connect to its LTE network 61.9% of the time.

As much as we were impressed with Argentina’s gains in LTE availability, 4G speeds were slow  compared to its peers across Latin America, as well as on the global scale. Though it couldn’t match the global average of 16.6 Mbps, , Personal did stand out from its peers in 4G speed. It averaged 4G download speeds of 15.8Mbps in our tests, roughly 5 Mbps higher than the other two national operators.

Looking at network responsiveness, Personal won our award  for lowest 4G latency, with a delay time averaging at less than 55 milliseconds, followed by Claro at 58.5ms and Movistar with just above 61ms.

Read our full report including an additional analysis on operators’ performance in Buenos Aires at: State of Mobile Networks: Argentina or download OpenSignal’s apps  to check the numbers for yourself.  Then let us know how your operator is doing on Twitter or leave a comment below!

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