OpenSignal takes a first look at the mobile scene in Portugal

Our very first report on the mobile industry in Portugal has arrived! Though the Iberian nation has been steadily improving in access to 4G connections in the past years, LTE speeds still have some catching up to do. Compared to other European countries, national 4G speeds lag behind, averaging at 19.1 Mbps — well below the speeds we observed in Spain, Greece or Italy where users were all able to get average download speeds above 25 Mbps.

Today, we’re taking our first deep dive into how the three national operators (MEO, NOS and Vodafone) perform in our 3G and 4G tests.


In terms of 4G availability — the percentage of time users could connect to an LTE signal — we saw Vodafone and NOS were statistically  tied for first place with average availability scores around 80%, while MEO could only provide an LTE signal 63% of the time, according to our tests.

Speeds however tell a very different story. Our users on Vodafone’s services experienced average 4G download speed above 33 Mbps, twice as fast as the speeds our users got on MEO ad NOS’s network. But even though Vodafone’s speeds were impressive, the slow connections users experienced on MEO and NOS pulled down the national average to a less admirable 19.1 Mbps.

In terms of average 3G speed, we saw Vodafone win the award, although with a much less striking lead. Our users were able to download at average speeds of 6.8 Mbps, while those on MEO’s experienced just a slightly slower speed on a 3G connection at 5.3 Mbps. NOS came last place providing average 3G download speeds of 3.8 Mbps.

Read the full story at: State of Mobile Networks: Portugal, including an additional regional analysis zooming in on the 4G state our users experienced in Lisbon. For more on how countries across the world stack up in 4G, check out our global State of LTE report released in November last year.

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