OpenSignal lands in Belgium

Set in the crossroads of Western Europe, Belgium is the latest addition to our growing list of countries we have included in our in-depth analysis of the mobile user experience.  A small and highly developed nation, best known for its culinary repertoire nothing short of pure hedonism, Belgians have plenty to be proud of. And we’ve just added another thing Belgians can boast about: exceptionally powerful LTE.

In our first report looking at the state of mobile networks in Belgium, we analysed 101 million measurements from over 9,500 users to find out which of the three national operators — BASE, Orange and Proximus — won our awards in 3G and 4G experience.


Source: marius badstuber / Unsplash

Generally speaking we saw all three operators perform extremely well in our tests, so well in fact that we recorded two-or three-way ties across all of our key metrics.

Belgium’s LTE availability was 85%, among the highest we’ve seen in our worldwide rankings where the country occupied a prominent spot in the top 20 LTE elite. Looking at network experience on an operator level, we saw similarly impressive results. Our users on Orange and Proximus’ network were both able to find an LTE connection 86% of the time, tying for our 4G availability award, with BASE following closely behind with a score just above 83%.

But it’s not just plenty of access to LTE Belgium can brag about; many users there also enjoyed very fast 4G download speeds as well. In our global report, examining 88 countries, we found Belgium ranked among the top 10 in terms of 4G download speed with average speeds above 36 Mbps, more than double the global average of 16.9 Mbps. As we looked at the individual operators, we found our users on BASE and Orange’s networks were able to get download speeds above 38 Mbps, resulting in the two operators sharing the 4G speed crown. But Proximus didn’t lag far behind either, with average speeds above 34 Mbps in our measurements.

For a full analysis including a regional drill down, read our report in full at: State of Mobile Networks: Belgium. Or have a look at how your operator is doing with the help of the OpenSignal app (available on iOS and Android).

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