Telkomsel faces competition in OpenSignal’s latest Indonesia report

Indonesia’s 4G wings keep spreading. In our new State of Mobile Networks: Indonesia report, we tracked sizable increases in 4G availability from four of the country’s five operators, an indication that the level of access to 4G services is growing. While Indonesian giant Telkomsel continued to dominate our awards, its dominance isn’t as great as it once was. Challenger Smartfren is asserting itself in our 4G metrics.

Smartfren easily won our 4G availability award as our testers were able to latch onto its 4G service 92% of the time. Smartfren also vaulted over Telkomsel in our overall download metric, averaging speeds of 9.8 Mbps. But Telkomsel had the edge on its competitors in our 4G download speed, 4G upload speed and 3G download speed categories, and it won our awards for both 4G and 3G latency.

Telkomsel and Smartfren also went head to head in our six-city speed analysis. The two split our overall download speed awards in Bandung, Jakarta, Makassar, Medan, Semarang and Surabaya. But in 4G download speed, Telkomsel maintained its national lead on the city level, losing the award to Smartfren only in Surabaya and drawing with that operator in Makassar.

Be sure to check out the full results on the Indonesia report page. And if you’re a smartphone user in Indonesia, we’d love to hear how your own mobile data experience compares with our metrics. Tell us in the comments below.

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