It’s neck and neck in Switzerland as two operators vie for 4G mobile dominance

The race for the top spots in OpenSignal’s Switzerland 4G metrics is getting tight, as the two leading operators are pushing each other for the line. Our latest State of Mobile Networks: Switzerland shows that Swisscom and Sunrise are neck-and-neck in both our highly coveted 4G speed and 4G availability categories, while the country’s third operator Salt is not far behind.

Swisscom has managed to overtake Sunrise to win our 4G download speed award, overtaking its rival in the six months since our last report on the Swiss market. Meanwhile, it was Sunrise’s turn to take the lead in our 4G availability category, where it managed to pull away from Swisscom after the two scored a draw in our previous report.

Switzerland mountains

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Swisscom won our 4G download speed award with an impressive average speed of 36.5 Mbps, beating Sunrise’s score of 34.2 Mbps and Salt’s 29.9 Mbps. Swisscom also saw the greatest LTE speed growth in our measurements, with an increase of nearly 7 Mbps over the last six months, allowing it to leapfrog Sunrise into the top spot.

In our 4G availability category, it was Sunrise’s turn to switch on the afterburners, as the operator saw an increase of over 3.5 percentage points to reach a commanding score of 88.4%. This was enough to beat Swisscom’s score of 86.2% and Salt’s 81.5% in our measurements. But aside from the winners, the fact that we have registered scores of over 80% for all three operators in Switzerland is pretty impressive stuff.

Switzerland recently made the top 10 for 4G availability in our study of 36 European countries, while the country was 12th in terms of 4G speed. And we’ve seen a notable improvement in both these metrics since then. Driven by growing competition, the Swiss mobile market is maturing nicely.

To read our full analysis, visit the Switzerland report page. And if you’re a smartphone user in Switzerland (or anywhere else, for that matter) we encourage you to join our testing community by downloading OpenSignal’s Android or iOS app.

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