Ripe fruit and rotten tomatoes – our pick of Spain’s mobile crop

Summer in Spain is well underway, meaning the festival season is upon us. Madrid has Mad Cool, Seville is gearing up for Nocturama, while Barcelona’s Primavera has been and gone. But if you’re heading to Valencia for Benicassim, you might want to consider staying on for a few weeks for one of the world’s most unusual festivals: La Tomatina. The festival in Bunol in celebration of the humble tomato is basically just one big food fight. It all started in 1945 when crowds at a parade accidentally overturned a vegetable cart – and the first tomato was thrown.

The good news for festival-goers is that nearby Valencia has some of the best 4G availability in Spain, with two of the country’s national operators scoring over 90% in our latest State of Mobile Networks report. But just be sure to keep the tomatoes out of your phone.

Spain TomatinaPhoto by flydime on Flickr

Our latest report on Spain analyzed 1.8 billion measurements juiced from over 165,000 mobile devices to sort the ripe fruit from the rotten tomatoes in the 3G and 4G services of the big four operators in Spain. We also published data from our 4G and overall speed categories for the country’s four biggest cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia.

In 4G download speeds, our cities awards table was a banana split between two operators, with Movistar and Vodafone taking two awards each. Both operators saw bountiful speeds of over 30 Mbps in our measurements, while Movistar scored an impressive 46.1 Mbps in Sevilla.

In our 4G availability metric, there was a bumper crop as all of Spain’s national operators scored well over 80%, and these results were even higher in the country’s four largest cities. Vodafone saw the highest 4G availability in Madrid with a juicy 89.4%, while the operator scored over 90% in both Sevilla and Valencia. The high level of competition in LTE reach was reflected in the 4G availability draws we saw in three out of the four cities.

On the national level, OpenSignal’s awards table for Spain was dominated by one operator, as Vodafone won four of our categories outright, including the coveted 4G availability prize, and scored a draw in two of the others.  Vodafone drew with Movistar in our 4G download speed category, which was won by Vodafone six months ago – though the draw was not due to a Movistar growth spurt but rather Vodafone wilting, as its average speeds in this metric fell by nearly 2 Mbps.

Vodafone kept hold of its national title in our 4G availability category, but it failed to grow in this metric since our last report. Indeed, our measurements show that LTE reach has become somewhat stunted among Spain’s national operators, with Movistar seeing the greatest growth of just 1 percentage point in 4G availability over the past six months. The country’s operators need to ensure they are fully focused on sowing the seeds of network rollout and upgrades if Spain wants to rise above the treetops in the global 4G forest.

Be sure to read the full State of Mobile Networks report for Spain on our website. And feel free to share your experience of the mobile customer experience in Spain in the comments section below.

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