Taiwan has many frontrunners in OpenSignal’s 4G metrics

If you’re looking for a single 4G leader in Taiwan, you have a tough choice to make. In OpenSignal’s State of Mobile Networks: Taiwan report published today, we had four winners for the four 4G metrics we tracked. Chunghwa took the award for 4G download speed. FarEasTone stood out in our 4G upload speed and latency categories. Finally GT and Taiwan Mobile were tied for first place in our 4G availability metric. When it comes to technical prowess, the level of 4G competition in Taiwan is intense.

Taiwan's iconic skyscraper Taipei 101 (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Eduardo M. C.)

Taiwan’s iconic skyscraper Taipei 101 (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Eduardo M. C.)

The good news for Taiwan’s consumers is that the overall 4G experience on the island is in solid shape, and in many areas it’s improving. All five Taiwanese operators were able to provide 4G connections more than 85% of the time, according to our 4G availability measurements. Our results also show that two operators, GT and Taiwan Mobile, have crossed the 90% LTE availability threshold.

In speed, two operators, Chunghwa and FarEasTone, had average 4G download connections greater than 30 Mbps in our measurements. Those two providers along with Taiwan Mobile averaged more than 10 Mbps in our 4G upload tests. Both milestones speak to how powerful Taiwan’s 4G services have become.

As Taiwan continues to tweak and upgrade its LTE infrastructure, we can likely expect more movement in all of these metrics in the future — and perhaps we’ll see one or two operators emerge as the dominant providers. If you’re a mobile user in Taiwan, we’d love to hear about your own experiences with 4G in the comments section below.

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