Cambodia’s 4G market experiences growing pains

There’s good news and bad news if you happen to be a 4G smartphone user in Cambodia. The good news is that access to 4G services is rising. In our new State of Mobile Networks: Cambodia report we found that 4G availability was increasing among most operators in our measurements, meaning consumers could find LTE signals more often. The bad news is that 4G download speeds declined. As Cellcard, Metfone and Smart Axiata compete more heavily and sign up more 4G users, the additional demand for mobile data appears to be impacting their LTE network capacity.

This is a common trend in countries where 4G is still relatively new. As 4G services ramp up, operators focus on extending the reach of their networks, not on the raw power of their connections. Typically after a period of declining speeds, operators reinvest in network capacity, often boosting speeds well beyond the levels at which they launched their initial 4G services. Luckily for consumers, Cambodia’s growing availability means they’re seeing little day-to-day impact in the overall speeds they experience. For all three operators overall speeds held steady since our February Cambodia report.

We also saw solid evidence of some major core infrastructure investments across Cambodia. Since our last report, we saw a big drop in latency across all three of the major operators on both 3G and 4G networks. Latency measures the response time of a network, so the lower the latency the better.

If you are a customer on Cellcard, Metfone or Smart Axiata, we’d love to hear about your 4G experiences in Cambodia. Tell us about them in the comments section below.

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