Netherlands hits the peaks in 4G availability

In terms of geography, the Netherlands is mainly known for being, well, flat. But the Netherlands is certainly at the top of Europe when it comes to 4G network experience.

In our most recent State of Mobile Networks report for the country, we found that all four Dutch national operators have now passed 90% in our 4G availability category – the first time we have seen this in our European reports. Not only this, but all four operators have passed 35 Mbps in our 4G download speed measurements, with one of them topping the 50 Mbps milestone. The Netherlands is among the best mobile markets we have measured; however, while we are seeing 4G availability continue to expand, growth in 4G download speeds appears to be slowing.

In our latest look at the Netherlands, we analyzed over 312 million measurements to examine the 3G and 4G user experience offered by the country’s four national operators, KPN, T-Mobile, Tele2 and Vodafone. And one operator continues to dominate our mobile analysis, winning or drawing in six out of our seven categories.

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T-Mobile kept its award in our 4G download category with a hugely impressive score of just over 50 Mbps — over 6 Mbps faster than its closest rival. However all four of the Dutch operators have passed 35 Mbps in our 4G download speed measurements, while three have scores over 40 Mbps. But most of the country’s operators have seen average 4G download speed growth stall in the past six months. KPN and Tele2 saw little change in our measurements with average speeds of 44 Mbps and 41 Mbps respectively, while Vodafone showed the greatest increase of just over 2 Mbps to reach 36 Mbps.

T-Mobile won our 4G download, 4G upload, 4G latency and overall speed awards outright, and drew in two others. And with its buyout of Tele2 likely to be approved before the end of the year, this dominance looks set to stay.

In terms of 4G availability,  we saw a tie in our national metric between Tele2 and Vodafone, after a three-way draw in this category in our last report. All four of the Netherlands national operators’ scores stayed virtually static, with the two leaders at over 93%, followed by T-Mobile at just under 92% and KPN at 90% — but T-Mobile’s speed waned just enough to see it drop out of the awards.

While the Netherlands is the first country in Europe where we’ve seen all operators pass the 90% 4G availability mark, we expect this to become a not uncommon occurrence in the near future as LTE networks become more ubiquitous. The Netherlands featured in the top six countries for 4G availability in our most recent global State of LTE report with a national overall score of 89.6% — just outside the top five countries, who all had national scores over 90%. And the Netherlands will almost certainly break the 90% mark in our next State of LTE report.

What’s your experience of 4G download speeds in the Netherlands? Are they the best in Europe? What do its peers need to do to catch up? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to check out the latest State of Mobile Networks: Netherlands report.

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