Verizon leads in video experience in the US

Last month, OpenSignal unveiled its first analysis of mobile video experience, which measures the quality of video consumers see when streaming over their mobile connections. We’ve already taken a broad look at video experience in countries around the world in our State of Mobile Video report. In the U.S., we see Verizon leading the video pack.

USA video chart

Despite the gap between the two pairs of operators, all four of them landed within the Fair category of our ratings. Fair means that mobile connections weren’t able to support high-resolution video without prolonged stalling and long wait times, but were able to handle low-resolution video with few problems. None of the U.S. operators were even close to achieving a perfect score, but Verizon users enjoyed the highest overall video experience score of 50.6, followed by T-Mobile at 48.2. Sprint and AT&T were some way behind with scores just above 40. For more information about OpenSignal’s video experience measure, please read this blog post.

The quality of mobile video experience enjoyed by smartphone users is incredibly important to all the U.S. operators because of their wider TV and video strategies:

The challenge for the operators is that all of them are marketing mobile video extensively which increases U.S. consumer demand for mobile video. The operators must then find a way to deliver large quantities of mobile video to their customers’ smartphones at a good-enough quality level. If they fail, and the mobile video experience is too poor, then customer satisfaction will drop and their customers will look elsewhere for mobile service.

This is an extremely tricky problem which is why U.S. operators manage their traffic. They’re trying to balance out the competing demands on their networks.

We’d love to hear about your personal experiences with mobile video in the U.S. Let us know in the comments section below or via Twitter.

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