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Understanding mobile network experience: What do OpenSignal’s metrics mean?

In this blog post, we’re taking a deep dive into the very core of OpenSignal: explaining the metrics we use, what they all mean and what their roles are in measuring the real-world mobile network experience as users see it. … Continue reading

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Strong US TV and video market leads to controversial mobile network prioritization solutions

One of the most controversial practices that mobile operators can be accused of is prioritizing certain types of network traffic over others, or limiting the quality of video which consumers can stream. Operators in the U.S. are often criticized for … Continue reading

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OpenSignal pioneers the measurement of mobile video experience

Today OpenSignal is taking a huge step forward in the way mobile services are measured and quantified. We’ve introduced a new analysis of mobile video experience that rates the quality of video streamed from the internet to the mobile device. … Continue reading

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