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OpenSignal coverage maps get an upgrade thanks to millions of new tests

When OpenSignal announced new changes to its data collection methodology earlier this month, one of the updates we were most excited about was the potential for much more detailed coverage maps on our website and smartphone apps. We’re pleased to … Continue reading

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Introducing OpenSignal’s new data collection methodology

Starting this week, you may notice some changes in the reports, coverage maps and other data we publish. OpenSignal has made updates to the way we collect our data from smartphones and the methods we use to parse that data. … Continue reading

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An early look at India’s first nationwide 4G operator, Jio

OpenSignal data analyst Joe Cainey caught sight of a ghost earlier this month when looking at our India network data. Defunct Mumbai operator Loop Mobile suddenly rematerialized in our network tests, showing LTE connections not just in Mumbai but in … Continue reading

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Hide Yo Phones, Hide Yo Wives

On a sweltering spring day in southwest Dallas I was standing outside my car, parked on a flat and near-empty stretch of urban road. The sun was quickly drying the cars coming out of the car wash across the street … Continue reading

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We’ve enabled geo-location, give it a go!

We love San Francisco. It’s a great city and one that we’ve been dreaming of a lot recently, especially during these interminable days of the seemingly never-ending London winter. It’s for this reason that, every time up until now that … Continue reading

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(More) Translators Needed!

Just last week we were appealing for translators for the OpenSignal Android and (very soon) iPhone app. Now we are looking for help translating our website, so we can show off all the data you help us collect to as … Continue reading

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Introducing 3 new partners and an API

We started OpenSignal two years ago with the goal of bringing accuracy and transparency to mobile coverage maps. We’re excited to announce three fantastic new partners in O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Passion Capital and Qualcomm Ventures, who bring a fantastic combination of entrepreneurial know-how and industry … Continue reading

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New French Network – Free mobile Coverage Maps

We’ve been inundated with users in the last couple of weeks asking about coverage maps for the new French network “Free Mobile“, who will sell plans that start at €0 (for customers already subscribed to their broadband plans).  For others, … Continue reading

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OpenSignalMaps and BBC Data Survey

Welcome to any new visitors who’ve come via the BBC’s kind links to our study on UK 3G notspots – areas where 3G coverage is painfully limited. The maps we produced show clear regional differences in the concentration of such … Continue reading

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Ofcom: this website could help consumers get better signal

OK, so Ofcom – the UK’s equivalent of the FCC – didn’t mention us by name, but in their latest study they do show up some of the failings of the networks. More interestingly, the study notes that “third party … Continue reading

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