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OpenSignalMaps and BBC Data Survey

Welcome to any new visitors who’ve come via the BBC’s kind links to our study on UK 3G notspots – areas where 3G coverage is painfully limited. The maps we produced show clear regional differences in the concentration of such … Continue reading

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Ofcom: this website could help consumers get better signal

OK, so Ofcom – the UK’s equivalent of the FCC – didn’t mention us by name, but in their latest study they do show up some of the failings of the networks. More interestingly, the study notes that “third party … Continue reading

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Science for Citizens

By sharing your signal data with us through the app you’re helping build a global map of signal strength. Basically your phone is acting like a ‘signal meter’, it’s like you’re part of a massive science experiment to collect data … Continue reading

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Over the past few days there’ve been some articles on us in the tech press. Being geeky guys we follow Techcrunch almost religiously, so it was great and rather surreal to read about our project there. We also became the featured … Continue reading

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