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10 gadgets, gizmos and contraptions OpenSignalers love

The holidays are upon us, and that means we’re starting to see gift guides galore. At OpenSignal we didn’t want to publish the same list of hot new digital gizmos you can read about on any other blog. Instead we conducted a poll, … Continue reading

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The Next Chapter

Today we are excited to announce we’ve raised a $4million Series A investment led by Qualcomm Incorporated, through its venture investment group, Qualcomm Ventures. As we’ve got to know Qualcomm over the past few years it’s become clear that they … Continue reading

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Mobile: The Measure of All Things (Big Data Week talk)

These are the slides from a talk I gave at Big Data Week London 2014. We carry take our mobiles with us wherever we go, we keep them fuelled with energy and, typically, there’s no other object we own that … Continue reading

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The OpenSignal Walk

Every afternoon we take a company walk. There’s no set time, no pattern for its occurrence – someone just initiates it when they feel they’ve had enough of looking at a screen for an afternoon. It usually begins with a … Continue reading

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Traveling Man: Tools and Apps for Testing Cell Networks Across America, Part II

Early on we realized that some kind of tablet would be necessary to monitor the internal testing dashboard on the go. To be totally honest, I was hesitant about the usefulness of an iPad Mini. We just needed to monitor … Continue reading

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Traveling Man: Tools and Apps for Testing Cell Networks Across America, Part I

When I set out on my journey traveling the country doing signal testing with OpenSignal & TechHive, my aim was to travel light. Hitting 20 cities in five weeks is no mean feat, and the less to cart around with … Continue reading

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Hide Yo Phones, Hide Yo Wives

On a sweltering spring day in southwest Dallas I was standing outside my car, parked on a flat and near-empty stretch of urban road. The sun was quickly drying the cars coming out of the car wash across the street … Continue reading

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Hi, my name’s Gabe and I am over-caffeinated.

Why am I over-caffeinated you might ask? Because I’m teaming up with TechHive and OpenSignal to collect some standardized data across the U.S. of A. Part of that data collection is finding out how well different carriers work in all the … Continue reading

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The Making of the OpenSignal Video Blockbuster

There is a certain start-up ethos that stems from a brittle blend of impecuniousness and prideful arrogance. This ethos is the spirit of the belief that anything that can be done professionally can be approximated better. Faced with the challenge … Continue reading

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OpenSignal is Growing!

OpenSignal is pleased to announce the arrival of two new team members. We’d like to welcome Andrea, from Veneto in Italy,  who joins as our lead iOS Developer having previously worked freelance (possibly as a magician). He arrives to strengthen … Continue reading

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