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Jobs and jelly beans at SMR10

The 10th Silicon Milkroundabout (SMR) took place this past weekend, and it was a busy, buzzy and exciting event! Eight OpenSignalers attended and chatted to dozens of potential candidates for our marketing, design, product and dev’ teams. OpenSignal has doubled … Continue reading

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Will pCell revolutionize 4G networking? Nokia aims to find out

What if you could build a mobile network without cell towers? That’s exactly what startup Artemis Networks proposes to do with a new technology it calls pCell. It wants to replace today’s static grid of cells with a system of … Continue reading

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Italy gets a network exclusively for the Internet of things

A new mobile data network is going live in Italy, but this isn’t the kind of network you can connect your smartphone to. Instead this network is designed solely to link the sensors, gizmos and contraptions that make up the … Continue reading

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What’s in a CRM?

So you work in a startup. You’ve got an office, some staff and paying customers. Clients are rolling in and your sales team is furiously answering and making calls to get deals locked down. Generally things are going pretty well, … Continue reading

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