Compass Doesn’t Work

The compass pointing toward the nearest cell tower/router might sometimes fail, and be ‘stuck’ pointing due south.

No Compass

There are a few reasons this might happen:

  1. We can’t find your phone. If your wifi, GPS and data is off, then the phone cannot find your location. So even if it knows the location of the tower/router it does not know the direction it is in. Make sure wifi/gps and data is on, and try clicking the ‘Map’ tab and make sure the app knows where you are.
    Fix: Turn on Wifi and GPS.
  2. We can’t find the tower/router locaton. The app might know your location, but might not know the location of the tower/router. To get the location the app gets the tower/router ID number, and references it with our database. For this you need an active Internet connection – either Wifi of cell data. Enabling one or both of these and try again.
    Fix: Turn on Wifi and/or cell data and test your Internet connection.
  3. We don’t have the tower/router in our database. Our database of wifi points and cell towers is large, but it is not yet complete. We are adding more data to it all the time, so hopefully it should be covered soon.
    Fix: Please check again later (Sorry!)
No Compass Pop-Up

No Compass Pop-Up

No Compass More Info

No Compass More Info

If you have any bugs, questions or comments on the Open Signal Maps app then please contact us and let us know!

One Response to Compass Doesn’t Work

  1. sdrolz says:

    I found an issue with my particular phone where the magneto would get stuck and so no compass function would would, including opensignals tower pointer. I did report this via email before finding the fix I am sharing here. My phone is the droid razr xt912 running ics (although I don’t think the os matters). bottom line is that this phone, and as I researched I found a few others, can have there magnetic sensor become ‘stuck’ for various reasons that I am not 100% clear on. In any case, the suggestion has been made and documented through various sources to use a small magnet, like a refrigerator magnet and move it around the magnetic on the phone. for my phone that is the upper right corner when the holding it screen facing you and in portrait orientation.

    It sounded silly and ridiculous, but I tried it anyway and to my surprise, it worked. magneto fixed. compass fixed and opensignal tower pointer working fine.

    I hope this helps others. please share, and I would be interested what other phone types have this problem.


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