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Owners of the newest, most popular iPhone don’t experience the best speeds

Two of the leading smartphone makers, Apple and Samsung, have both recently reported a slowing smartphone market because consumers are struggling to see the benefits of the latest models and are choosing to hold onto their existing smartphones. But by … Continue reading

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With new models, Apple will raise mobile network speeds

In 2018, Apple is on the “speed” or “S” year in its normal two-year iPhone update cycle: Apple usually launches a new iPhone design one year, then the next year it keeps the exterior design the same but updates the … Continue reading

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Is Intel ready to challenge Qualcomm’s LTE dominance?

Ever since the days of WiMAX, Intel has longed to be a major player in 4G. According to a report from VentureBeat, Intel may finally get its chance – with a little help from Apple. VentureBeat’s Mark Sullivan reports that … Continue reading

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Become an OpenSignal iOS Beta Tester

The OpenSignal iPhone app has now been out for over a year – so we feel it’s time for a big update. If you’re an OpenSignal iPhone user, and want to be among the first to try out the new … Continue reading

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Traveling Man: Tools and Apps for Testing Cell Networks Across America, Part II

Early on we realized that some kind of tablet would be necessary to monitor the internal testing dashboard on the go. To be totally honest, I was hesitant about the usefulness of an iPad Mini. We just needed to monitor … Continue reading

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