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The SHTC1: Inside the chip that powers WeatherSignal

I once cracked the screen on my Nexus One. If you’ve done this yourself you’ll know that to replace it you need to dismantle your phone to a near-molecular level and in doing so you get to see the exposed … Continue reading

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Announcing the Launch of WeatherSignal

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new app, designed to do for weather what OpenSignal already does for cell phone coverage. WeatherSignal is a new way of approaching weather data collection using native Android phone sensors. The ubiquity of … Continue reading

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Report: How Screen Size Affects Data Use

At OpenSignal we spend a lot of time thinking about different cell phones. So much so that one of our number (Sam, I’m not going to name and shame you, don’t worry) actually had a dream about buying the HTC … Continue reading

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