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The (slight) rise of _nomap

In 2010, Google streetview cars were found to be collecting data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in 30 countries worldwide. The German privacy regulator described the issue as ‘one of the biggest known data protection violations in history’, and the scandal … Continue reading

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The Privacy Implications of Mobile Sensor Networks

Back in February I gave a speech at Four Years From Now (FYFN) in Barcelona on the subject of privacy and mobile sensor networks. The full text of this speech is now available here on the OpenSignal website. Mobile sensor … Continue reading

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Stingrays: The new mobile tool of the surveillance state

If you thought the ocean was the only place you should be wary of stingrays, then think again. Stingray is the term first coined by Harris Corporation for a surveillance device it developed to intercept mobile phone signals. It was … Continue reading

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Carrier IQ: any worse than the networks?

A parable. There is a company that is monitoring you. It has access to every text message you send and receive, to every phone-call, to your emails and web-browsing. And do you know what really sucks: you’re paying these guys. … Continue reading

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