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T-Mobile and Sprint’s network future in 3 easy steps

Now that Sprint and T-Mobile’s proposed merger is up and running again, the two operators are revealing many more details about what their combined networks would look like. Even before the merger is finalized, they’re embarking upon a roaming deal … Continue reading

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AT&T inches forward with its plan to combine Mexico, US networks

When AT&T bought up Mexican operators Iusacell and Nextel in January it promised to create a pan-American mobile footprint covering 400 million people. AT&T still isn’t quite at the point where it’s running a single ‘home’ network that spans the … Continue reading

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Europe will ban roaming fees — though you’re in for a wait

The end of international roaming fees in Europe is in sight, though it’s still a bit off in the distance. The European Parliament voted to abolish roaming fees within its border, but we’ll have to wait until the June 15 … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi calling: What it is and when to use it

U.K. and U.S. mobile consumers have probably noticed a lot of buzz from their carriers about Wi-Fi calling, which, simply put, lets you route phone calls over your phone’s Wi-Fi data connection using voice over IP rather than use the … Continue reading

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National Roaming: How much impact would it actually have?

Note: An earlier version of this post contained a graph which contained a small error. It has now been updated This weekend, Sajid Javid, the minister for Culture, Media and Sport announced plans to engage in talks with mobile operators … Continue reading

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Why Roaming Costs Are Unjustified

When you go on the OpenSignal website (which I’m sure is as much an integral part of your morning routine as making a cup of coffee) the first thing you see is our coverage map – a dappled net draped … Continue reading

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