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Owners of the newest, most popular iPhone don’t experience the best speeds

Two of the leading smartphone makers, Apple and Samsung, have both recently reported a slowing smartphone market because consumers are struggling to see the benefits of the latest models and are choosing to hold onto their existing smartphones. But by … Continue reading

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The Race for Network Leadership is Heating Up in OpenSignal’s latest U.S. Mobile Network Experience Report

Today marks the seventh time we release our semi-annual industry report on the state of mobile networks in the U.S. And what a report it is!   We’ve seen major moves from Verizon (winning 3 out of 5 awards) with … Continue reading

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New Jersey offers the best video experience in the lower 48 US states

A few weeks ago, we examined how the lower-48 states in the U.S. stacked up in terms of overall speed, and we discovered an interesting pattern: The states with fastest download speeds were largely concentrated on the Eastern Seaboard along … Continue reading

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The Mid-Atlantic is a hot zone for mobile download speed in the US

Only one state or commonwealth can claim to have the fastest mobile broadband speeds in the union, and that state is New Jersey. In OpenSignal’s analysis of the lower 48, we found that the Garden State outperformed its peers in … Continue reading

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Hurricane Florence’s impact on mobile networks lasted for days

During and in the aftermath of a natural disaster, reliable communication plays a vital role to ensure efficient first response and provide critical information to people in the impacted areas. OpenSignal measured the experience of smartphone users before and in … Continue reading

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Verizon leads in video experience in the US

Last month, OpenSignal unveiled its first analysis of mobile video experience, which measures the quality of video consumers see when streaming over their mobile connections. We’ve already taken a broad look at video experience in countries around the world in … Continue reading

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Canada and Bolivia lead the Americas in our video experience analysis

OpenSignal recently published its first State of Mobile Video report, which analyzed how consumers experienced video over mobile networks in 69 countries around the world. Now we’re drilling down into the specifics of various regions, starting first with the Americas. … Continue reading

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The US may yet catch its global peers in 4G speeds

OpenSignal recently published its State of Mobile Networks report for the U.S., and in it we tracked some significant increases in 4G speed across the country’s mobile networks. The most interesting speed results we saw weren’t on the national level; … Continue reading

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Verizon and T-Mobile try to outdo one another in 4G reach

A year ago, T-Mobile US accomplished quite a coup in our metrics. It surpassed Verizon in our 4G availability measurements last August, and for the last two U.S. State of Mobile Networks reports it’s held onto to that lead. But … Continue reading

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What can overall speed tell us about US operators? A lot actually

It’s been a tumultuous 18 months for the U.S. mobile industry. Verizon and AT&T reintroduced unlimited data plans sending their 4G speeds on a rollercoaster ride. T-Mobile asserted itself at the top of our rankings, climbing to first place in … Continue reading

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